An established IT services organisation had experienced flat revenue streams for 3 years; there was no clear business vision and they had a broad service portfolio with multiple similar services, developed for individual customer requirements. Having built a new customer-specific service, they would then ‘package’ it, with a view to enable repeatable solution sales to multiple companies. The result however was a confusing solution portfolio, which was complicated to explain and made it difficult to attract new customers.


An initial business and website assessment provided a high level analysis of the current position and enabled recommendations to be made. The company then engaged in Business and Marketing planning workshops which helped them establish their business vision, define their business strategies and build an action plan to implement their strategies. Among the key activities, were portfolio planning, value proposition development, service description documentation and website redesign to reflect the refocused service offers.


A clear growth strategy with a plan to achieve. Following the business planning workshop, said one senior executive, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the day – I thought it delivered real and excellent value in getting us to focus on the critical activities required to transform our business’. The company now has a clear go-to-market strategy aligned to a relevant set of service offers with clearly defined customer-focused value propositions.