The Marketing Director Service is designed for established organisations – often operating in multiple geographies – looking for a new approach to their current marketing strategy, which delivers a comprehensive and measurable marketing service at the highest possible ROI.

This service is particularly relevant for companies with:

  • multiple or complex products and services
  • multi-national sales operations
  • a partner channel

This service provides a comprehensive and joined-up solution which enables you to recognise how your prospects, decision makers and influencers interact with your company and convert them to sales opportunities.

By making available the right content via the right channel, we help you position your company as thought leaders, reaching out to your target audience in the initial stages of the buying cycle, identifying with their specific pain points and challenges, and keeping your prospects engaged with you throughout.

By combining inbound and outbound marketing tactics, including targeted telemarketing, this service will enable you to build the case for your solution or consulting service, often before the potential prospect has even pinpointed a problem.

This strategy supports technology companies and consultancy businesses whether they are innovative ISVs, resellers of established enterprise products, global SIs or technology agnostic consultancy practices.

This service is delivered as a monthly subscription service for a minimum of 6 months, with 30 days’ notice.

To receive more information or talk to one of our specialists about our Marketing Director service, please Contact Us