A European-based ERP solution provider aligned to a leading Global ERP vendor was looking to expand its sales operation into the UK. It had been looking for a marketing partner to operate as an extension of its business and with whom it could build a collaborative and valued partnership. Based on their past experience of working with marketing agencies, they were sceptical that the style of partnership they were looking for was a realistic aspiration. They were introduced to XLR8 Marketing via a referral and initial discussions enabled us to provide recommendations as to how we could help them to build a sustainable business within the UK.


The company engaged through a Business and Marketing planning service which included a thorough business and market analysis followed by a planning workshop to define the forward strategy, understand where their best opportunities were, develop market aligned value propositions and identify the most effective marketing tactics. The output from this service was a detailed report and recommendations, with specific actions to implement the plan. As a result of this initial service, the company extended the engagement into the delivery phase to include a website review, marketing consultancy, campaign delivery, target customer profiling, opportunity development and lead nurturing.


The company has built a collaborative and valued relationship to support its sales and marketing efforts and despite difficult economic conditions, now has a healthy pipeline of sales opportunities within the UK. Asked to describe their engagement with XLR8 Marketing, its Global Business Development Director said: “We have been impressed with the breadth of marketing services that XLR8 Marketing has delivered. Acting as our virtual marketing team, they have developed a clear understanding of our company and market, before shaping our value propositions for maximum impact. Unlike other marketing and telemarketing agencies we have worked with, they take the ’big picture’ view to make sure all our marketing efforts are joined up with our overall plan and support our company vision. This is a big differentiator for XLR8 Marketing and this integrated approach is delivering results for us.” He added, “We have been searching for a marketing partner with whom we could build a long-term relationship, and regard them as an extension of our business. We believe in XLR8 we have discovered that partner”