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About Get To Great

Get to Great® is a proven and effective way to enable your team to identify gaps quickly and objectively, then agree actions to close them, in order to drive improved business performance.

Traditional consultancy is often perceived by organisations as protracted, prescriptive, narrow, expensive, and worst of all, self-serving.
Get to Great® is immediate, objective, collaborative, and cost effective. You control the process and the outcomes, not us.

You and your colleagues will agree the key issues quickly, clearly seeing the gaps between where you are and where you need to be … and agree what to do next … knowing you’re all supporting each other to common goals.

The result? Better performance, revenue and profit.

Assessing and Improving Your Sales & Marketing Capability

A Get to Great® Capability Assessment will enable you and your colleagues to establish and share a detailed 360 degree view of your organisation’s current and desired sales and marketing capability, supported by expert advice and guidance to help close any gaps.

Get to Great® – Performance Improvement which is immediate, objective, collaborative and cost-effective.

  • Objective:
    because you measure your own organisation against an independent benchmark, to assess your current and aspirational performance levels
  • Immediate:
    because the assessment takes a morning and defining the actions to close any gaps takes an afternoon
  • Collaborative:
    because the approach drives all the stakeholders to a consensus view of the current and desired performance
  • Cost-effective:
    because it is a proven and fixed cost approach which rapidly delivers a significant return on your investment
Winning & Retaining Customers

Strong, predictable and sustainable revenue is the output of a truly integrated and adaptable end to end process for finding, winning and retaining customers.

Get To Great® and XLR8 Marketing have co-developed a sales and marketing model which enables you to accelerate  your sales pipeline through a joined up and programmatic approach to assessing and improving your sales & marketing capability.

The Get To Great® model enables you and your team to identify the gaps and quickly reach consensus on which specific elements of the process to focus, in order to deliver maximum impact and sales performance improvements.

By considering three key aspects of achieving a sustainable revenue stream, from customer acquisition through to customer retention and applying an end to end diagnostic approach, you will gain a measurable and objective view of your organisation’s capability for Finding, Winning and Retaining customers.

Our tried and tested approach, which takes just half a day, enables you to examine your end to end sales process to validate which aspects are underperforming and to identify where you can gain greatest immediate impact for your business.

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