We can bring your corporate logo to life with a 10 second logo animation with sound.

Apart from looking great, here are a number of business benefits of animating your logo:

  • Video Boosts Your Google Rankings

    Video has been proven to boost your SEO if you upload it to You Tube and embed it on your site. You can also keyword your You Tube video uploads so customers have even more chance of finding your website.

  • Use It In Your Social Media Marketing

    Use your short, snappy and memorable animated logo in your social media marketing.

  • Brand Your YouTube Channel

    Get creative and brand your You Tube channel, your play lists and uploads with your animated logo.

  • Brand Any Videos You Make

    Any videos you make whether they’re for internal staff training, promotional or webinars, put your animated logo at the beginning for a professional touch.

  • Liven Up Presentations

    Wow people with your Power Point presentations by starting with your animated logo!

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Click on any of the images below to see example animations:

Simple Package: £450

This style is nice and simple (hence the package name). Here the logo pops in, followed by some text. Simple but punchy motion and sound effects.

Smart Package: £800

The Smart Package offers a greater degree of animation. In this example, we start with a blank screen and lots of circles floating in a strip. The camera would then pull out and zoom out quickly to show the letters “i e g” as if they were made up of lots of little circles. There is a pause then the dark blue circle appears above the “i” followed by the others and finally the 4 flies in from the left.

Stunning Package: £1150

This package is for those of you who want an animated logo on a par with those at the beginning of films (think of the logos by Dreamworks, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox etc.). Lots of effects, particles, complex motion, 3D and equally awesome sound effects.