XLR8 Marketing delivers a portfolio of capability development services, designed to improve organisational and sales team effectiveness and/or marketing capability.  These services are delivered through interactive workshops, training events and skills transfer methods.  Our approach is to apply benchmarking models to identify performance gaps, and create a measurable action plan to monitor and refine improvements, whilst supporting the internal implementation with skills transfer where required.

Get to Great Benchmarking Models

Using best practice benchmarking models, we facilitate the process in a single workshop, with YOU driving the outcome and defining the action plan.

Based on the knowledge and insight of your colleagues from across the business, you will form the broadest possible stakeholder consensus of the priorities to be addressed, and build SMART Action Plans that capture the agreed set of improvements to attain improved performance and profitability.

The process is repeated every 90 days until your end goal is achieved, minimising external intervention and cost.

Our Planning and Coaching services cover:

  • Sales Readiness Assessment – to assess your organisation’s sales capability and define an action plan to optimise your sales operation
  • Sales Effectiveness Assessment – to assess the capability of your sales force and define an action plan to improve sales effectiveness
  • Marketing Skills Development – to identify skills gaps and an action plan to supplement and/or develop market resource and skills gaps
  • CRM Optimisation – to define and implement effective CRM solutions based on leading Saas platforms including, Microsoft Dynamics Online and Salesforce.com

We also deliver bespoke Channel and Marketing Planning workshops to enable you to define your go-to-market strategy and implement marketing solutions to deliver the plan.

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