Our SEO Boost & Visitor Intelligence service is a unique low cost digital marketing service that combines the benefits of best practice SEO with the ability to track and measure ROI through visitor intelligence on your website.

  • Our SEO Boost service is aimed at delivering more traffic to your website through organic searches
  • Our  Visitor Intelligence service identifies the names of companies visiting your website to enable you to convert them to leads

This service provides a low-cost way to measure and understand how you can support and amplify your traditional outbound marketing efforts whilst offering quick wins and strong ROI potential.

It is ideal for companies wanting to test the value of “inbound marketing”, to improve their return on investment on SEO services or even just to kick start an SEO strategy and generate new sources of leads for your sales team.

SEO Boost

Our SEO Boost service starts with a technical SEO audit to review your existing website and provides a comprehensive list of actionable recommendations that can positively improve search engine rankings.

We also review several of your competitors websites to benchmark your website and support the process of identifying strategic key words and phrases that you are looking to rank highly against in order to attract your target audience to your website. We provide a clear set of instructions for each page you are looking to optimise with the search engines.

The ongoing service supports any changes to search engine rules, refines strategic keywords, supports the development of a link building strategy and provides ongoing advice and guidance on creating and re-purposing SEO optimised web content.

Visitor Intelligence

Our Visitor Intelligence Service is an excellent complement to the activities of outbound telemarketers, internal sales executives and also account managers. It provides valuable company specific insight into research activity by page on your website, enabling your sales team to tailor their early conversations with each prospect more closely to their specific needs by assessing their research history first.

Specifically we track and store the web browsing history of every visitor that comes to your site – even when they don’t fill out an online form.  We keep track of this history over time so that when a prospect does raise their hand and fill out a form, the full research history is available from every previous visit they have made.

We gather full visit history on each of your anonymous visitors including source, time of visits, number of visits, pages visited, time on site and visit flow.  Using reverse IP lookup, the solution provides you with full firmographic data on every anonymous visitor, including company name, domain, location, industry, number of employees, annual revenue and ownership (public or private).

We can put anonymous visitors or target companies on a watch list, so when they do come to your website, you get an email alert.

Our Visitor Intelligence service is delivered as a one off set up service to implement the SEO and tracking capability, followed by a monthly subscription for a 3 month minimum service with 30 days’ notice.

SEO Boost & Visitor Intelligence Service Features

One Off
XLR8 Intelligence
Per Month
Implement Tracking Code
Technical SEO Audit
Website Assessment
Competitive Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Page Optimisation
Link Analysis Recommendations
Visitor Intelligence Reporting
Lead Alerts
Visitor / Company Watch List
Visitor Insights
KPI Tracking Reports
Advice & Guidance
Review Calls Weekly

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