Adding social media is a great way to get your message out there, attract new visitors and strengthen your SEO with social signals.

We recognise that social media influences the entire buying process, regardless of when and where your buyers turn to it. The trigger points can be to learn from peers, quickly find information, and connect with vendors in a relevant context.

We maintain the view that social media should not be considered in isolation. It needs to be one integrated component of the joined-up marketing plan for your business. We can set-up and/or develop existing social media channels in order to support this approach, sharing and promoting your content and events across social networks and connecting with buyers.

Our digital marketing platform helps us to measure the impact of social media efforts across any social media site. For example, using URLs generated by the platform will enable us to track the traffic, leads, and even deals sourced by each post. We make it easy for site visitors to share your content themselves with social sharing features built into each landing page. We identify and track all leads driven by social media networks and seek to understand the impact of each social network on your traffic and leads.

The digital marketing platform enables us to leverage specific social media channels more effectively. For example we can create Tweets in advance, schedule when you want each Tweet to go live, and track each Tweet with a campaign. We can also create and embed forms into your Facebook pages so you can start generating more leads from social media. YouTube can of course be considered as a social media channel to publish your video content and Google Plus is emerging as an important channel to engage your audience, share information and of course influence SEO.

We exploit more creative and engaging ways to adopt social media tactics to engage your audience such as streamlining the connection between sales lead contacts and LinkedIn profiles, linking to content in blog comments and answers on Q&A sites and even consider rewards or contests to drive readership.

There are a number of additional options available that we will identify where there is the potential to reach out to your target audience such as integrating it with your PR strategy, and pitching it the media, expert bloggers and industry influencers. Timing is everything and we will seek to align content with media editorial calendars and associated subject matter or align it with upcoming conferences or events as relevant.

There are other content sharing tools for example Pinterest, which aggregate and promote content sharing and we can explore the relevance of curating content for your company. Content syndication is also a tried and tested approach to publishing your content on multiple sites, destinations or platforms. PR Newswire is one such example and is one of the world’s largest content syndication providers.

There are of course options to purchase online ads such as Google Adwords or LinkedIn Ads to promote content and drive traffic to the relevant page. This needs to be carefully considered as this can conflict with the strategy of distributing “earned” and “owned” media as opposed to “bought” media as it may reduce credibility with the overall approach.

Depending on your level of engagement with us, we go beyond simply deploying social media for content sharing and cross posting. This includes monitoring on-going conversations to listen out for opportunities, manage your online reputation through to increasing participation, interaction and relationship building via social media channels. For clients that require this level of social media engagement, we develop specific social media marketing strategies with specific measures that align with your business goals.

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