How to Implement a Low Risk, Low Cost Digital Marketing Strategy… With Immediate Results!

Implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy
The Internet has given today’s buyers unprecedented access to information. In fact a 2011 study by Forrester research concluded that “70% of the buy cycle is completed before sales engage”. While this may seem like a daunting statistic, there is good news for savvy B2B sales and marketing executives.

The same web technology that put power in the hands of the buyer can also be used to capture in-depth information about your website visitors—even before they reveal their identity through online forms or via an inbound enquiry.  Implementing a digital marketing solution provides you with visitor and lead intelligence information that can become your sales enablement secret weapon.

For many B2B organisations, this can seem a huge leap, especially when you have previously been successfully using ‘traditional’ outbound marketing and direct selling methods.  But as buyers become more online savvy, can you be sure that what worked in the past is going to work in the future?

An effective joined up marketing strategy integrates your outbound marketing tactics with inbound marketing methods to allow you to connect with your buyers earlier in the sales cycle, engage more prospects and accelerate your marketing ROI.   By implementing a solution that integrates the latest digital marketing tactics and outbound marketing efforts, you can leverage your existing internal best practice processes, more cost effectively.

Fundamentally a joined up marketing strategy follows this process:

  • Drive More Traffic to Your Website
  • See Who is Visiting Your Website
  • Convert Visitors into Sales Leads
  • Nurture Leads into Customers

Understandably, many companies are not ready to take the leap of faith to a “big bang” approach of process intensive (and expensive) marketing automation.  However, by following our low risk approach and implementing a digital marketing platform in phases, aligned with this closed loop marketing strategy, you can realise immediate business benefits.

Initially, we propose implementing a digital marketing platform supported by services that deliver more traffic to your website through organic searches.  By combining visitor intelligence to identify and profile your website visitors, you can boost your telemarketing or internal sales activity, prioritise lead generation efforts and engage with companies that have searched for your solutions to their business problems.

As process improvement opportunities are identified, more sophisticated marketing automation processes can be implemented gradually to fully support and add value to the lead nurturing process.

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