Get me some sales leads – GET ME SOME LEADS NOW!!

Ever been so busy delivering client projects that you have taken the focus off pipeline development and before you know it next quarter’s forecast is looking really flaky?

By definition it is difficult to focus on several things at once.  In addition, lead generation is an activity which most sales people shy away from and will do ANYTHING rather than pick up the phone to someone they have never spoken to before!   In any case, tied to a phone playing the frogs and princes game, is unlikely to be the most cost effective way of keeping a highly paid sales team occupied!

That’s why many companies look to outsource their demand generation to an agency that will give it focus, bring some fresh ideas to prospecting and provide measures for the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

Many IT companies are currently driving towards their year-end – flat out to close deals for 2012.  But where does this leave 2013? The smart money is on companies who maintain dedicated lead generation activity to nurture leads, understand clients’ pain points and build deeper relationships with their target audience.   Whether this service is delivered in-house or outsourced to a marketing agency, now is the time to start building the pipeline for 2013.

Alternatively, you can always try relying on the pipeline fairy!

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